Following the Footsteps

imageSo this all started back in sophomore year of high school. I was placed in italian 2 and when March came that year my italian teacher bought us sfingi, a large dessert filled with cannoli cream and topped with a cherry.

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What’s In a Tiramisu?

imageThis past Saturday I was in little italy with my brothers and we decided to stop in to a bakery.

My brother picked out his favorite desserts and I picked out mine. It was a cup of tiramisu with a savoiardi finger.

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Dawning of a Sunset

imageBack in 2009, when I was in the spring semester of my junior year of college I was heavily involved in my studies as an english major.

In one course we read pride and prejudice. For the final paper of the semester we had to compare and contrast the novel with either the film adaptation of the novel, or a bunch of other shorter novels we had covered earlier in the semester.

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